Just Dreams


This business practices in deceit. You are approached by someone on the street asking you to check out a "non timeshare" presentation. "No pressure to purchase"…..these sales rep tell you to lie about your income in order to qualify because "tbey dont ask to verify anyway". Secondly, before they tell you anything about anything, they watch you turn your cell phones off. They are very anal and strict about turning your cell off, and that was their first priority before you even step into the office. I just realized its because they dont want you 1) to see the hundreds of horrible reviews on their business 2) they dont want you to try and compare their "discounted" rates with other discounted rates thats available online for free and 3)they dont want you to find out that the same exact product they are offering you for $5k, someone else got for $2k!!! If you had your cell phone, you would for sure due your due diligence check and never ever buy their product! In addition, if you say NO they bully you into talking to multiple people who also bully you into buying their product. So, when you are exhausted, hungry, blood sugar low and can no longer think straight….they finally get you because you just want to get out of there and because your brain is fried the offers piling up starts looking good. Afterwards, you get brain function back, try to cancel and they cant be reached. You research their website, freak out over their reviews, make frantic phone calls and voicemail tells you someone will return your call and that your call is "important to us". Then its past your 3 day grace and you are now stuck. So, you try and just deal with the situation. You try and use said products for several months BUT you cant because the saud benefits that was promised was never available to begin with. The rates they promised are non existent! We have never been able to use these products/services because they were never what they stated and what was promised in their presentation. Totally misleading, fraudulent, and false advertising all the way!!! This business has had several name changes due to lawsuits and complaints. I dont know why they continue to still be in business. There needs to be a class action suit started againts them. They are the only negative item showing on my credit report, but thats my fault for lacking in common sense at the time. Hope it wont happen to anyone else!

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