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We were shopping for carpet and hardwood floors for our new home and John Lopez at Floor Expo said he would do anything to earn our business. He matched the offer we got for carpet and wood from other stores. nMeasurements were done on Nov 4th ’04 and he said that the carpet would be ordered the next day and installed within a week. He said that the wood was in stock and would be installed on 8th or 9th, and the carpet the following day. We explained to him that we needed to move from the apt to the house the following weekend and he assured us that the installation would be done before the weekend, so we finalized the deal. nBut we didn’t hear back from him the following week so we contacted him on 8th. He said that the wood would be installed on 15th. That is not what he told us earlier and when we questioned him he said he would see what he could do, and after several phone calls we were told that the wood would be installed on 12th. nWhen asked about the carpet, he said that it was on the way and would be installed on 13th. But from talking to the installation manager, we found that the carpet had not been shipped and could not be installed on 13th. We had to reschedule our move, extend our lease, pay market rent and reconnect utility services. nThe carpet was finally installed on 16th. But they fell short, they had ordered 25sq. yds less than what we paid for. We signed the contract for 250 sq.yds. When we questioned them, they said that it could have been a human error. But the invoice they asked us to sign had the wrong numbers and we refused to sign it. nThey had to order carpet again to complete the installation, which was delayed another week. Also, the workmanship of the wood installation is not up to the mark and we asked them to fix it, but they refused to send their installers to finish the job, and insist that we pay for the work, even though we are not completely satisfied. nWe settled the charges for carpet installation and paid 50% for the wood job, and agreed to pay the balance when the job is completed. We called several times to have someone look at the job, but didn’t get a response. Now their corporate office is threatening to report us to a collection agency if we don’t pay the balance. nJohn lied to us all the way. He lied about the delivery dates. He tried to cheat us by making us pay for more carpet than what was ordered and installed. The Installation manager Al was very rude on several occassions and accused us of lying, and threatened to put a lien on our house. That is not very professional behavior. nPNnPlano, TexasU.S.A.

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