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Complaint: Called in and placed an order with Scott Owens on May 9th for a sandwich platt for family event. Gave credit card over the phone to pay for order. Told Scott that we would pick up at store. Came to pick up sandwich platt on May 11th. When we arrived no one knew where our sandwich platt was. They just looked at one another with a blank look on thier faces. Then someone told us that if we wanted our sandwiches that we had to go over to firestone and pick up our order? Also wanted us to pay for it again. We had already given credit card over the phone to Scott. We drove over to firestone and they we very friendly and told us no sandwiches have been deliveried. We asked the store manager to call us if our sandwiches showed up. Drove back to Jimmy johns and they still had no idea what was going on. We got a call from firestone that our sandwich platt showed up. So after one trip to jimmy johns then to firestone then back to jimmy johns we finialy got our sandwiches. Also someone in our family is allergic to Onions and some of the sandwiches had oinions on them. This is even more upseting then placing an order for pick up several days in advance then told that if we wanted our sandwiches to drive over to firestone to pick them up. Food allegies are very real and that could have been a trip to the hostiptial. This is not aceptable.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 283 N Hwy 7 Olathe, Kansas United States

Website: www.jimmyjohns.com/

Phone: 9132283710

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