JC Lecaroz – Richmond, Virginia Men


Justin JC Lecaroz, Capital One, Virginia. Goes by JC at his work, where he is a supervisor. Has been married since 2003 but tells women the same story (that his wife is crazy and irrational, omitting what he does to make her that way.) Targets his subordinates as I’m sure being in a position of power, makes them easy for him. There was one, in Sioux Falls SD, Natalie Moehnke. One in Richmond VA, Britt Curtis. Those are just the 2, full blown, unprotected sexual affairs, his wife caught him on. I suspect there are others. This is not supposition. The parties lied to the employer but the wife has documentation (including nude photos and lascivious conversation screenshots) as proof. He’ll tell the women anything they want to hear. His marriage is over, his wife doesn’t do xyz, his favorite, he hasn’t has sex in years. All lies. He manipulates women into sex and then callously discards them when they’ve stroked his ego enough. Any woman should stay as far away from this narcissistic asshole as possible. Any man should stay away from the 2 women.

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