It was my worst trip ever


Whether you wanting to spend quality time with friends or family, or have a nice meal, fishing is a good way to have fun outdoors. It’s hard to find quality business operators in today’s world, but its almost impossible to find the quality-driven and passionate employees. It was my first call to Fired up Sport Fishing Charters and the owner answered my phone. I wanted a reservation for our group of 5 friends. He took our reservation without any hesitation as he wanted to make some money. Their company was facing loses due to the cancellation of trips in the last few days.
I was very excited about the trip and upon our arrival there, we met the captain. He was impatient and didn\’t seem to have much information about the boats parked in the harbor. I was curious to know about the boats that were parked around us. The captain failed to know the pulse of us all. He couldn’t figure out my friend’s anxiety was beginning to increase rapidly when we got into the water. He increased the speed carelessly without properly directing the boat. We were excited to see the different aquatic creatures all around the water. He took us to a spot where we were not able to catch several snooks. I was in awe the first time I checked and select the rod for fishing. I did not know how much bait I needed to attract the fish. For beginners, an 18 cm rod is something with a good balance and flexibility. Captain himself was unsure, because of which my friend got into an unfortunate accident and was bitten by one of the fishes. Thank God it wasn’t serious and bleeding was controlled with an ice-pack. I was astonished that the captain had not kept first aid kit on the boat rather the pervert was busy checking out my legs. It was a rough, windy day and 2 hours were already gone. We battled through some choppy conditions, with all my hard work, and without any guidance, I caught a Cuda and two kings. Our frivolous captain was thinking that it was an easy activity! We were not interested in handling the meat, so the captain‘s assistant caught up a few fish himself. I was wondering why he is being so patient and doing the hard work by himself. Later on, we found out that he sent the meat to a local restaurant along with the port and some of it was sent to a local fire station. This greedy man made a huge amount of money and did not allow us to take home any piece of fish meat. We all were speechless! The weather was getting nastier every minute and now my top priority was to reach back home safely. I looked for another charter and we couldn’t be happier to get a reliable one this time. The trip was expensive and turned out to be a disaster. Never jeopardize your safety by booking a trip with this nasty Fired up Sport Fishing charters.

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