Iowa Steak Company Windsor Colorado


Complaint: I’ve learned a very hard lesson…DO NOT buy steaks from anyone who is selling them out of the back of their pickup truck. I was approached by a scam artist who works for Iowa Steaks in the parking lot of my grocery store. He explained he needed to sell the last box of steaks and he would get a huge bonus and be able to feed his family. He sold me the box for 1/4 of the original price. I thought this was a great deal. They also accepted EBT or food stamp cards, which was wonderful considering I am a single parent. I agreed to the transaction, signed the paperwork, gave him my EBT card numbers, received a receipt and took my box of steaks home. That evening I realized I had made a mistake. I really should’nt of bought $150.00 worth of steak using my food stamps! I called my “sales representative”” and explained I did not want the steaks…I need to return the box and please do not run my card. He said he understood

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Address: they had already taken the money but would have his corporate office cut me a check the following day and we could meet to make the exchange. Well of course that didnt happen. For over a month…I called this guy…called his office in Englewood

Website: he was able to meet me to make the exchange. He did not bring me a check….he did however…take the box of steaks out of my hands and quickly jumped in his truck and left. I was shocked! This is where I got the police involved and a lawyer…I had received a call from the Iowa Steak CEO

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