Intelligent Service Detective Inc. USA.


I believe this to be a scam. They originally contacted me via email about mystery shopping. I sent my name, address and phone number. I got an email back saying i was accepted and be expecting my first "jobs".. Today I got an envelope in the mail that contained a check made out to me in the amount of $1,489.65, instructing me to go to a major retail chain and purchase $500 in Sephora gift cards and $500 in Ebay gift cards. Once purchased I was to scratch off the cards to expose the codes, take pictures and email or text pictures of the codes to them. There is a time element whereas they want you to do all of this in 3-24 hours. My guess is once you do this, they take the funds from those cards and stop payment on the check that they sent you. Essentially stealing $1,000 from people who are already looking for a job. They should be ashamed of themselves and definitely need a special place in ****.

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