INFOFREE and Layth Al-Turk Sugar Hill Georgia


Complaint: INFOFREE does not have any contract and as such allows the sales people to misrepresent INFOFREE service under the manageru2019s Layth Al-Turk (hereinafter u201cManageru201d) cover: Manager confirmed by email of 5/28/2014 : u201cYou actually did not sign any sort of contract in order to use our service. You did, however, give us compensation, in the form of money, and in return, we provided you with a service for a period of 12 monthsu201d. I paid $499.50 in compensation of the service described as a block of 15,000 leads at half-price downloadable from INFOFREEu2019s computer within one year but I DID NOT RECEIVE THE SERVICE DESCRIBED BY THE SALESMAN. The salesman sales told me that paying $499.50 in consideration for a u201cblock of leadsu201d was the best and cheapest way but omitted to reveal that in case INFOFREE would close my account any remaining leads credited will be lost. I had to suspend downloading leads because of heart surgery but I still had a credit of 6430 remaining leads. INFO FREE cancelled my agreement without consulting me and misappropriated my credit of 6430 remaining paid leads taking advantage of their policy not having a contract and my inability to download leads for being incapacitate. I explained my situation and requested Manager to re-credit the 6430 leads. In response to my request, Manager refused and wrote on 5/28/2014: u201cA LOT of our customers donu2019t use our service to download records.u201d Any salesmanu2019s misrepresentations can be covered by Manager since there is no written agreement. Manager offered to re-credit my 6430 leads if I would pay another $699.00 and supported his refusal by email of May 8, 2014 as follows: u201cIf I have a yearly membership to a gym, which allows me access to everything the gym has to offer, but I choose not to go to the gym for a few months. At the end of my membership, if I choose NOT to renew my membership for another year, they will not offer me access for the days I did not go to the gym when I was paying for membership. This is the same situation here.u201d Manager voluntarily omits to write that a yearly membership to a gym MUST have a written agreement and as a general rule, if a member fails to use the gym for medical reason, he/she will be compensated proportionally. This is the way that INFOFREE does business; If they do not deliver what the salesman promised they misappropriate your leads by cancelling the agreement. IN CONCLUSION, before dealing with INFOFREE, request a written agreement (but be aware about how INFOFREE and their Manager scam their customers).

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 11211 John Galt Blvd Omaha, NE 68137, Nebraska USA


Phone: (402) 779-7354

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