IKEA Memphis Home Furnishings Review


Have you seen that big blue box sitting along side the interstate just outside of Memphis ? Perhaps you have been inside to buy some furniture or other home furnishings. Well this is a report from someone that works there and I am going to share with you just how they treat their employees. They are going through what they call O4G, Organizing For Growth. The title in and of itself sounds promising. A company reorganizing to keep up with the times. A smart business move right ? Yesterday they had a meeting to announce who were going to be the new “leaders”. They took individuals who had far less experience and gave them new leadership positions. Those individuals who were leaders, had been there longer, and had more company knowledge, they got demoted ! One person who relocated to Memphis all the way from California to work for IKEA Memphis was demoted ! In turn they were replaced by someone who had not even worked for IKEA ! One last tidbit, this new person was fired from their last job for being a racist ! IKEA a company who promotes diversity and inclusion hired a proven racist to replace someone who had more experience with the company and moved from all the way across the country ! Nice move IKEA ! They also took several managers, demoted them, and cut their salaries ! IKEA Memphis store manager Trisha Bevering had the MF balls to encourage everyone to congratulate those who were promoted to their new positions ! No pat on the back or “I’m sorry” to those who had their pay cut and their positions taken away ! This is a slap in the face to those who have worked so hard to support this company ! Nope no support to those people ! It is like “well lets just rub their face in it” by telling them to congratulate those who got the promotions. Quite the leader don’t you think. To those of you who have never been able to contact the store directly regarding a question or problem with their order, here is some helpful information for you. Store phone number – 901-380-5508. The following extensions are helpful as well. Store Manager – 1333 Commercial Manager – 1334 Operations Manager – 1335 HR Manager – 1567 Store Duty – 1666 Commercial Duty – 1900 I encourage you to spread the word about how this company really treats its employees !

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