IC3D (www.ic3d.com) Springfield VA Review


I wanted to buy a pair of custom made jeans because I am a petite woman. I found two companies over the web and decided to go with the one with the flashier website, a company called IC3D. Their site is confusing, too many menus and such, but it looked as if they would give a good product and a good guarantee on the product if there were problems. I had to pick a shade of denim for my jeans. When I went through all their many choices, all the shades looked the exactly the same, so I had to go by their descriptions. I chose the “Dirty Denim Stonewashed”” because it was described as the “”hip and fashionable dark indigo of today

“” a color

as described

that I wanted. I went forth with my order. It took them almost 5 weeks to send me the jeans and when I saw the color I was horrified. These were the ugliest pair of jeans I’d ever seen

a shade you’d see at a discount store like K-mart (no offense to K-mart)

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