I Heart Resale- Consignment store Jersey Village Texas Review


I encountered this business and its owner Lyra in July, 2015. I left a lot of my designer purses, belts and clothes to be sold. I checked on the status regularly. First the owner said that although some items have been sold, there wasn’t enough money to write a check and that she would write once it is above the minimum amount. The next time she said that I have over minimum amount and said “I’ll write it out to you at te end of the month and mail it””. I keep calling the store but the Lyra lady is not to be found. 2 months later

I still haven’t received the check and call the store and then visit. The girl at the store (ashley) says that since I didn’t pick it up in time

it went back to the store account and she can’t give me anything. I asked if I can pick up my unsold stuff but she said that I’d have to go around the store and find them. There is no way anyone can do it because 1. I don’t know how they organize their merchandise and 2. for all I know

it might be in storage or at their home. I tried to resolve it with Lyra and she says that the stuff now belongs to the store. First off

they price expensive purses cheaper than dirt without telling/consulting or even notifying the owner. Second

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