HydraWhite Jacksonville Florida


Complaint: From an ad on WorldNetDaily, my husband called HydraWhite to place an order for a sample product for a total cost of $4.90. Nine days later we were charged an addl 76.13. When the company was contacted, they said that customers are allowed 8 days to try the product & decide whether or not to cancel. They can process a refund of $45 within 24 hours, or $60 upon return of the product, but a full refund will not be given. This 8 day trial period to cancel was not explained during the phone order, & is none the less highly abusive as 8 days is barely enough time to receive the product, much less try it long enough to make any decision. This is a total scam!

Tags: Sales People

Address: 880 Witway Pkwy, #120, Henderson, NV89014 Henderson, Nevada United States of America

Website: hydrawhite.com/

Phone: 888-528-0305

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