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When booking my reservations for a recent trip I went online and entered the name of the hotel I was wanting to stay in Google search bar. This company came up not realizing that it was not the actual hotel (they did have the Holiday Inn logo which made me think I was in the right place) I call the number listed. I immediately told the lady that answered that I was interested in booking 2 nights at The Beach House in Hilton Head SC for 2 nights; one night using my Holiday Inn reward points and the 2nd night on my credit card. She said she could help me so we proceeded with conversation. She verifiying information about the room and I again mention that I want to use my reward points for one night and credit card to reserve the 2nd night. This was repeated to her at least 8 or 9 times during the process. She tells me that she needs my credit card to make the reservation and I say “wait”” are you using my points for one of the nights? She claims that she has to get my card 1st. I questioned her again and she assured me that everything was ok. Since I have my iPad on my lap during the phone call because I was using it to look up the number an email comes to me about the new charge that was just ran for approval on my credit card. I open the email and it is for both nights. I tell her that I just rec’d the email and that she ran the card for both nights instead of the one. She asks me if there is anything else she can help me with and to have a nice night. I said “”wait”” I am not done talking

you just ran my card for both nights””. She tells me that I have to wait until I check-in to get it corrected in which I knew was not correct. She transfers me to the front desk of the hotel and like I said they were not able to help me and said I had to call the girl back that took the reservation. I call the number back and another lady answers. I explain what happened and suggest maybe canceling and redoing the reservation since I was just on the phone with them to make the reservation and she tells me that I can’t cancel at that point without being charged $339.00. I am getting frustrated with them at this point – at no time did they tell me they could not use my points and I have to go through a different number. They are like too bad for you. I told her the previous girl that handled the reservation messed up my request and they should be able to fix it. She again proceeds to tell me they can’t fix

change or cancel it that I should talk to central reservations so she transfers me — again. This transfer is actually to Holiday Inn which is who I thought I was talking to the whole time. This lady tell me the reservation was through Orbitz. The charge came throught from Hotel so I guess they are one in the same (don’t really know). Holiday Inn reservations can’t help me since I paid a third party so she tells me the only thing to do is to call Orbitz back so I do since I wanted to get this fixed ASAP. I spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get this fixed with no luck. The third time speaking to them they tell me the same thing. She could tell that I had just made the reservation but they can’t do anything about it with out charging me the $339. I repeatedly tell her that I made it very clear that I wanted to use my points for 1 night and credit card to book the second and how she mislead me by acting as if everything was okay. She puts me on hold for about 15 minutes to come back and tell me that they would have to play the phone conversation back to prove what I was saying was the truth. A week later – have not heard a word from them. They were very deceptive in making the reservation and was not willing to help at all.”

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