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This company uses underhanded techniqes( i.e. using “fine print”” type agreements) to charge your bank acct. or debit card monthly charges. It took me two months to realize this company was charging me a monthly movie rental fee for a company I had made ONLY a “”one time”” purchase with. I NEVER had another transaction with this company. They bait you with a “”5 dollar off”” coupon because it’s your first purchase. But the coupon is NOT offered because its your first purchase with the company

it’s offered because you are unwittingly signing up for a “”trial”” period with the company. It is VERY deceptive how you are signed up for this trial period. The charge continues AUTOMATICALLY once the “” trial”” period has ended. Its interesting that you NEVER get any advertisements or emails from this company that you have access to now that you are a MONTHLY member. Their hopes are that they will charge your account without your knowledge and without you ever using the services. I have been using on-line ordering for many years and most companies are reputable

it’s ashame that companies like this “”scam company”” make people leary of using the convenience of online shopping.”

p.o.Box 810365 Boca Raton, Florida United States of America


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