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I’ve bought Home Warranty for $380, paid in full, and later received the letter from them with coverage explanation. After 4 month the toilet tank was broken, cracked, leaked and I called to submit a claim. Home Choice Warranty provided me phone # of plumbing contractor which I had to call. First meeting was scheduled, but nobody shown up. I called a contractor to find out what’s happened. After my third call the contractor called me back and said that he had a case of emergency work and couldnu2019t attend that time. There were no apologies, or regrets expressed. I am usually a vey understandable person and we rescheduled our meeting. Then I received the email from Home Choice Warranty that my claim is denied. I called them to explain the situation. The representative was a girl, who was terribly rude and mean to my non-American accent. She finally agreed to relive the claim opened. On the second meeting, the contractor called to the Home Choice Warranty for authorization and the company said that toilet tank is not covered. He demanded $60 check before he came in my entry door. There is exactly copy-paste text from Choice Home Warranty site: nTERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT CHOICE HOME WARRANTY n8. PLUMBING SYSTEM/STOPPAGEnINCLUDED: Leaks and breaks of water, drain, gas, waste or vent lines, except if caused by freezing or roots – Toilet tanks, bowls and mechanisms (replaced with builderu2019s grade as necessary), toilet wax ring seals – Valves for shower, tub, and diverter angle stops, rinses and gate valves – Permanently installed interior sump pumps – Built-in bathtub whirlpool motor and pump assemblies – nWhen I called them again trying to clarify what the TOILET TANK words mean in the description of their coverage, I have got a response that they don’t cover the porcelain cracked. I tried to cancel this scam policy, but the customer service representative said me that is impossible, they can not release me after 30 days cancelation period gone. They donu2019t provide me a service which I need and paid for, and they banding me with this crap warranty, which they interpreter how they want. Ok, I was stupid; I didnu2019t check their rating, but other Customers: DON’T pay them ahead. I live in the USA for long time, and I had never had a deal with such rude representatives and a poor service. They treat their customers as they want; there is not any coverage guaranties that they kept. Their main goal is to grab your money and escape from any obligations to provide a service. They are trying to find the reason to declain your claim. Be awared!

510 Thornall Street Edison, New Jersey United States of America

1 (888) 531-5403


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