Hollywoodglamconsignment / Deja Hodge Grand Island New York Review


I purchased a Celine handbag from Hollywoodglamconsignment July 13 for $1400. She does not accept PayPal or credit cards as a form of payment. Instead she requested I go to my bank and send her bank the cash. I did. She was then supposed to send me the handbag. She would not answer any of my inquiries regarding the tracking number. Nor would she let me know when I was supposed to be receiving it. Then she apologized and stated there was an issue with that bag, she would send me another one. She would not send me a tracking number again and said she would refund my money. It’s been three weeks and she has blocked me from the consignment shops Instagram page and won’t respond to my emails. Please don’t purchase from her… You will not receive your purchase!!!!!

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