Health Mart


After contacting me an interview over text message they ask you login to either Skype or Google Hangouts. They offer a job after a brief interview over instant messenger. I became suspicious when they were offering a lot more than other jobs in that field. My suspicions were confirmed a few days later when another company wanted to interview me and the language (bad grammar, misspellings, missing spaces) were nearly identical. How it works, you get the job and they require a physical address not a PO Box, they send you money in the form of a check via FedEx to buy equipment – software, printer/fax, clock in/out unit, etc. You can only buy these items through a vendor they approved ahead of time. The companies may have US branches, but the home office is ALWAYS overseas. The person interviewing you is also, from somewhere overseas. They claim to have degrees from foreign institutions as well as years of experience in the business. This is all fraudulent either for cashing a forged check or laundering money – I’ve been told that you can go to prison if you do as they ask. I’ve been approached by two such groups.1. Woolworth Limited Group – an Australian Grocery company2. Health Mart – Specifically Health Mart UAE – United Arab Emirates.Both companies are legit, but these offers are not. They will claim that they are about to open offices in your area, but will not tell you where for "security reasons". The rep from Woolworth called himself Jamie Flynn, and the Health Mart rep went by Mrs. Shirley Jackson. Beware, these are both scammers.

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