Has a group of maniacs working there! DO NOT VISIT!


Don’t visit this clinic if you care about your financial health and well-being. They are money-hungry thieves who create fake invoices to steal money from their patients. They are scammers and they don’t hesitate to steal from anyone. They are ruthless and quite criminal. Those people stole $1200 from me through bogus invoices. They used to deduct the sum from my insurance. They are vicious thieves who feel no remorse or guilt for their horrible crimes. I’m a single mom with a kid and it’s already difficult for me to manage everything. On top of everything, when I found out that $1200 were deducted from my insurance, I can’t tell you how devastated I was. I didn’t know what to do, where to go, who to talk to. For a while, I just stood there in shock. Let me give you some context first. I had visited District Endodontics to get a root canal done. I had paid for it through my insurance and everything was taken care of. I had paid them fully. What I didn’t know at the time was they could send the invoices directly to my insurance company and get the funds transferred to their account. I had already paid them for the root canal. These people deducted $1200 from my account in two transactions of $600. They had sent these invoices around a month after the root canal. They were for nonsensical expenses and they didn’t make any sense. I contacted them later on and demanded an explanation. Those people had the audacity to deny sending any invoices. They were totally denying those allegations. When I told them that I have proof of them sending invoices to my insurance company, then they finally accepted their fault. I can’t tell you how irritated I was to realize that they had stolen from me. I reached there and asked for my refund. They told me that they’ll issue the refund in a few days and the transactions had taken place because of some mistake by their billing staff. They didn’t issue the refund for a month. I finally threatened them with a lawsuit and finally, I got my $1200 back. This place is just filled with trashy, disgusting and horrible people. They don’t care about their horrible crimes and their effect on their patients. Don’t be a victim of these criminals. Stay away from District Endodontics. I had to wait for around 3 months to get my money back from these people. And if I hadn’t threatened them with a lawsuit, I would have never gotten my money at all. If I hadn’t pointed out the issue I don’t know how much more money they would have deducted from my plan. I’m glad this fiasco stopped. Let others know about this scam too. The more people know the better. I’m saying this because there isn’t any indication of them being a scam online. They are falsely advertising their services and I’m certain they have plenty of other victims.

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