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I just want to say that Handy is a TERRIBLE COMPANY. They are so beyond unreliable it’s ridiculous. They scheduled me for a time and date, that they agreed that they can do. They then text me 3 hrs prior to my 9 am appointment and tell me they can’t make it. I contact them and was able to reschedule the appointment. They confirmed in an email it was going to be set for the following day at 9 am. Later that day, I received a voicemail from on of their reps saying they can’t make it. I called the Costco handy unit and the representative agreed that it was still active and advised that they are still going to come and show up. Following that conversation, the original representative who called me and left me a vm calls me back. He tells me again that they cant come. I then tell him that if he can’t make the appointment, then I will be using another company. He then says it’s okay they can do it for tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and I receive another text 3 hrs prior saying they can’t come. I have requested a refund from Costco. You guys should consider using a better company than this one

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