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Complaint: I also have been ripped off by Guardians and Angels breeder Lynn McLean. Knowing I was in an accident in 2006 and suffered brain damage (with memory problems) and my 11 year old Doberman passed away 1/30/12 she was able to “suck me in”” with her lies. I spoke with her for hours thinking this is the type of breeder I am looking for

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Address: a breeder who cares about their puppies and where and who’s homes they are placed in. After the passing of my 11 year old she said she would bring the puppy on 2/13/12. By the time she actually arrived it was 12:11 am on 12/14/12. She stayed for almost two hours having me sign “”the contract that I was unable to read she just told me where to initial””. Having brain damage she should have sent me that contract earlier so I could have my mother or step-father read it so I wasn’t signing anything that I didn’t agree with. But with her health guarantee on her website and all the hours we spoke I figured I was safe. Wrong! Luckily my uncle and aunt came to visit and found a website with people complaining about Guardians and Angels…I wish I was smart enough to have done that before I bought this puppy. The more we found out about Lynn the angrier we all got. I asked her for a large male

Website: his blood work came back that he was anemic and had a very high white blood cell count. The vet concluded he had a very bad bacterial infection. The next morning (Monday) I took him to my vet where he was placed in ICU. The worst part was as I was getting ready to walk out the door without my puppy there was the box of my 11 year old Doberman’s ashes. I called Lynn and she was very sympathetic and told me she was planning on coming down to Florida on March 17th where she “”would square things with me”” and/or replace the puppy. I continued to scan and email her each vet bill with out receiving any reply but one asking why my vet was vaccinating a sick puppy (he was getting his boosters after he had been on 2 types of antibiotics for several weeks and he was no longer lethargic nor had a fever)

Phone: calm and assertive Doberman. I needed a large male

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