Green Solutions INC Wilmington California Review


Green Solutions sells Solar Products and Accessories on AMAZON. This company also TBA Sold On Sun. The owner, Jay Fagooque states on his webiste his US OFFICE is located at 1249 S. Diamond Bar # 55Diamond Bar CA 91765. An investigation has determined that this location is a POSTAL ANNEX named Diamond Bar Shipping and Delivery. It sole purpose is a postal box. The actual business location is at his residence located at 1640 Kiowa Crest, Diamond Bar,CA. 90765, where he works out of a 1 car garage. This companies inventory is VERY LIMITED and relies on DROP SHIPMENTS, mainly from overseas like China. If there is ANY defective merchandise that is returned to Green Solutions Inc., EMAILS WILL GO UNANSWERED, PHONE MESSAGES UNANSWERED and on most occassions replacement merchandise will not be shipped. LET THE BUYER BEWARE! Here is just a few complaints over a 2 MONTH PERIOD! WORDS TALK LOUDER!1.”My son asked me if the lamp was bought from garage sale. “”Sorry Son

I bought a new one for U

but it came with many scratches.”” “”Mr. Manager Jay

it’s been 3 weeks and where’s the replacement you promised to send?”” Since I didn’t feel your sincerity on the phone

I am not surprised I didn’t receive it. I won’t be able to give U a good review as what you have requested.”” Rated by Buyer: jujubee 2.””ordered product as discribed recieved a lesser version contacted seller about adsaid that i did not read ad correctly sent a copy of add that discribedthe product as advertized . the next time i went to his sight the add was reworded. he said i could return the product. i did not want to add more cost to this deal so i kept the item and ordered all the parts fromanother supplier.”” Rated by Buyer: Craig 3.COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!I ordered solar panels

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