Great Leads LLC Weld County Colorado


Complaint: This company is such a joke. I took the job to begin with as a last resort because the economy is so bad right now. Honestly I had no idea what I was getting myself in for. The payrol is a joke to start with. IF you get your paycheck, it will most likely not be correct, and good luck cashing it. No one in this town including check cashing centers, Walmart, any grociery stores etc. will cash their checks because they bounce almost always. Jeff the owner (past owner), whatever comes off as a nice guy so people continue to give him breaks because they feel sorry for his mental state. So his employees wait and wait for him to give them checks that will clear and whatever else he promisses until they just can’t wait anymore. When they are upset at the situation and don’t feel sorry for him anymore, he cans them. He always has some excuse like the company hasn’t wired him the money, or banking problems etc. What the real reason is, is that he can’t manange his money and likes to live beyond his means. He this year has yet to pay ANY taxes for his employees. We can’t collect unemployment etc. Which means that we will most likely not be getting our W2’s this year to file our taxes. Anyway….stay clear of this guy and his companies. You will regret it if you don’t!!!

Tags: Sales People

Address: 2006 8th St Greeley, Colorado United States of America


Phone: 9706737451

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