Graig Brown Jersey City New Jersey


Complaint: Graig Brown was hired to repair my house in Malone. We signed a contract for $9,500 with the project broken down in three phases. The contracted stipulated the reception of $3,500 for the first phase, $3,500 for the second phase and $2,500 for the final payment. As a show of trust, I agreed to front the money prior to the commencement of the phase. I made an initial payment of $3,500 to him. Even though he did not finish phase 1, he told me that he urgently need money to finish the work, I agreed and paid him the $3,500 for the second phase. One day after receiving the money for the second phase, he calls me and tells me that he spent more money on the project than its worth and that i would have to pay him an additional $2,500 for him to finish the project. Shocked, I vehemently rejected his extornist demand and informed him that we had a signed contract. He informed me that he didnt care about the contract and that he was keeping the $3,500. This man makes all contractors look bad. Do not trust him and stay clear of him. He does half finish work and then attempts to extort money from you. Stay clear of Graig Brown

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 41 Burke Bellmont Town Line Rd Burke, New York USA


Phone: 5183531435

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