Goodwill Chatham Virginia Review


I won an auction on– It was very odd because my high bid was 14.00 and the auction was only at 12.00 with no other bids. So i put in my maximun bid of 20.00. No one else was bidding on the auction but I was sent an email stating that I won the auction for 19.00. The shipping was rediculous coming from Maryland which is only one state away from me. I received the vintage cookie jar and it was cracked. I went back and examined the auction pics more closely and can see the break in the jar- It was listed as in good condition- A crack down the middle in my opinion is not in good condition it actually makes the item worthless and I believe that Goodwill knew this item was broken and listed it anyway. Needless to say they will not respond to any of my emails concerning this transaction. I will no longer shop online nor at any of there stores and all of my donations will go to the Salvation army!

Maryland USA

Antiques & Second-hand

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