Goke Thomas Cary North Carolina


Complaint: Yesterday I received a text about my old Iphone up for sale on graigslist. The person asked if I would ship and said he would include shipping cost and Paypal fee. I agreed since he didn’t haggle price as a lot of people like to do. This morning he sent a text saying he just paid and to overnight it via FedEx to the address listed. I messaged back to let him know PayPal had not been received yet and I would ship once it came through. No reply! This guy is praying upon the foolish. graiglslist is great, but be wise and weed out the bad ones by receiving payment first. PayPal is safe for the buyer as well as the seller, but payment is instant. If you don’t see it, you didn’t get paid. Nice try Goke Thomas!

Tags: Internet Fraud

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