Glacier Water Nationwide Review


BEWARE!!!This company is the worst company i have ever had to deal with. This is saying a lot since i have dealt with 100’s of companies. I am sure that i will not find a more dishonest, disrespectful, and poor excuse for a company then Glacier Water. This company basically has stolen thousands of dollars from me. Not only is my money gone forever but the months of going through hell with this company is also gone and i cant get back. The contaminated water that Glaciers machine produced could have made a more dangerous impact on my life if it wasn’t noticed as quickly has it had. Fist off the product is made very cheap and is highly overpriced. It might have been OK if the machine actually produced good water. But this machine will never create good water since the materials are damaged during Assembly of the machine. Materials that are in constant contact with water are heavily scratched and damaged which caused toxins to leach into the water. Instead of buying a distiller to make safer drinking water, Glacier has the only distiller that actually produces worse water then you started with. The entire inside of the distiller rusts …. Yes i said RUST. So if your ok with drinking water with rust and toxic chemicals that leach out from stainless steel which include Nickel, Chromium, and iron molybdenum then this distiller is for you. Stainless steel when damaged will leach these toxins into your water. Its not an opinion, its a fact. When dealing with stainless steel and using it for drinking water it must have a shinny scratch-less coating. these materials need to be safely and carefully assembled due to them being used for drinking water purposes. Its not like Glacier Water is building sheds. And if they were the material is still scratched more then allowable for sheds. I had mentioned this to Glacier water and you would think they would know something about the product they produce and sell. It was laughable how little they knew. They Dont know anything about the material they use so they scratch the living hell out of the stainless steel because they don’t think that’s a problem. So the unit rusts but rust is not the correct term. If you want to be technical its called corrosion. But its brown spots that spread and acts just like rust. Its basically what rust is to metal. Since Stainless steel does not rust technically. I have worked with all types of metal, alloys and other exotic materials for 10 years and have been in the health business for 6. Not only is getting a brand new distiller with this problem devistating. But when you contact the manufacture to let them know they need to fix something under warrenty prepare yourself for a rude welcoming. Glacier water tried everything possible to get out of even looking at the distiller. Finally if you get them to look at it prepare to lose your shipping cost because even after looking at it the dodging continues. Bottom line is Glacier really thinks that everyone else is to blame no matter what. After that they will send emails that are more like attacks. They use vulgar language and act like children. The threaten you every way they can even saying that they will take legal action if you keep talking about the problem you had with their defective product. So Glaciers warranty is not a warranty at all. ITS A FRAUD. This is basically the tip of the ice berg. Like i said its the worst company hands down that i had to deal with. I cant believe they are still in business. The Units have the most problems on the inside of the units which is why many people don’t know about the problem. People are drinking contaminated water for years with out knowing. I was lucky and seen the issue at the start but 1000’s of people are at risk right now. If you can please do your part and investigate this company and make complaints to your local health organizations you can help stop this company. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!Report them and help stop a company that steals money from people as well as puts the public in danger. Glacier doesn’t care its putting your health at risk. Do your Home work. I am not the only person who has had problems with this company.

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