Gilbert Asher Jones


Gilbert Jones Ventures, Yorkville, Upper East Side, 522 E 74th St. New York, 10021 ( 646 470 5999 ) has a website . Both the company and founder are fraudulent. The company website is a front for romance scammer Gilbert Asher Jones. He is listed with male The man in the photos are not believed to be the true scammer. I am a victim and am getting ready to work with FBI. The true identity behind the fraud will hopefully be identified. I paid for an international investigation. The phone number and name have been linked to other internet schemes on FBI blacklist. When you Google Gilbert Jones Ventures, you will find Romance Scammer Gilbert Asher Jones with Gilbert Jones Ventures as address. Click on it and you will go to the male scammers website where you can read report, Thank you for your attention to this crime.

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