Gift Pack US LLC


I had actually applied for the position of Gift Wrapper, not sure through which source (FaceBook, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc) Then, I got an email originally marked for [email protected] which read:"Our Company getting back regarding application on a CareerBuilder for career opportunity of Analyst of Procurement.We got many applications for this offer and the screening process is still runing. The search committee is reviewing your profile and we are glad to say that you have been chosen for an interview.Base Salary you will get starts from $95,600.00 up to $137,600.00 a year. Also you will have flexible schedule, and package of benefits: health, life, disability and dental insurance.Key tasks will be:- Conduct negotiations with vendors- Supervise a team of Procurement Managers and provide direction to them- Monitor contract compliance and do optimization of contractual obligations- Develop long-range strategic sourcing plans- Do inventory control and provide administrative and clerical support as requiredNeeded conditions are:- Minimum 30 years old or older- Be a citizen of the United States or have work permit- Negotiation skills- Be great time managerTo verify your agreement for the position, please write the following and answer us to [email protected]- Name and Surname:- Current phone number:Have a good day!"I responded to [email protected] with: "Hi,I’m not sure how the email got to me ([email protected]) when it says it was to [email protected]Thank you"Then, in the same Gmail thread, I recieved from [email protected]: "HelloWe would like to thank you for showing an interest in being a part of our team.Your skills make you an excellent candidate for this position, so we would like to invite you for an interview: you submit your application online, we will immediately send you confirmation letter that your info has been successfully collected. Due to the fact that we receive so many applications, we can’t organize individual contact with everyone who makes an application for a position.Please read full Job Description attached for more information.Thanks for your interest. We will be in touch.Regards,HR Department,Gift Pack US, LLC" Attached Job Description.I did the online interview which seemed legitimate. They were asking question via video and you had to type your answers. Then I recieved and email from [email protected] stating I was selected: "Hello Emily,Congratulations! This email confirms that you have been selected!Your experience and interest are going to be an asset to our corporation.To start your job as soon as possible, kindly complete next steps:1. Sign and date Job Offer enclosed;2. Complete Payment Form;3. Send scans back to me.Please let me know if you have any questions or I can provide any additional information.Regards,Joshua HowellGift Pack US, LLC" Attached Job Offer to sign (Picture Source) and method of payment (MoneyGram, Paypal, or Westerns Union)I tried looking up again. All I was getting was "GiftPack, Inc." I couldn’t access their website. They had no social media accounts and no LinkedIn account. What business that has been around 5 years can’t you find on LinkedIn? Seems fishy. ??

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