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Boy, did these guys screw me over hard. Let’s start at the beginning. Saw an ad for a modular sofa on Craigslist, exactly what I wanted. Although the owner described it as $4000 new, it was actually available at Macy’s for $2199, he had it for $1769. Still, $430 savings wasn’t bad, even without any warranty. I thought. On top of this I added two more pieces (one was not a perfect dimensional match as he told me it was, but that’s a mere footnote) for a total price of $2,250. Picked up late after work (they were wrapped up in plastic and stacked so I couldn’t look them over, plus it was closing time and I had paid over the phone anyway), dropped off at my new house, and my buddy and I immediately noticed that the back seemed loose. Aaargh, but I was exhausted, had to get up early, and couldn’t do anything at that point anyway so went to bed. One month later after innumerable projects on my new house (foreclosure, needed much work and was unoccupied most of that time) and the sofa sitting there completely unused I decided to open up the bottom of one of the sections and see how bad it was. Please have a look for yourselves, I’ve also attached a copy of the original ad which I saved because something didn’t seem quite right about the deal. Should’ve listened to my gut. All four of the straight back sections were broken in half at the base, and this was 6″ high, 1.5″ wide MDF board – sturdy stuff.. Furniture Now attempted to “repair” this by bridging the gap with a piece of 1″ steel bar and drywall screws (only a single screw on one side in some cases – completely ineffective against rotational movement) and a couple scraps of 3/4″ pine. They didn’t even predrill the pine so that it is splitting out already. I spoke with the owner, told him I was recording the conversation and then he hung up on me and then refused to pick up the phone, would only text. I have attached screenshots of his responses. Have a read, but TLDR – he claims that only one was broken when it left his store and I must have broken the other 3 myself, despite identical, half-assed repair efforts on all 4. He offered to “repair” them. Again. Yeah, you tried that once already, bud, didn’t work out so well, did it? Yes folks, I am now the proud owner of a $2,250 sofa which I cannot even use because after about 8 more leans against the back these drywall screws will tear out and the sofa will fold in half. I have disputed these charges with my card company for the replacement cost of the 4 pieces from Macy’s and will pursue this as far up the legal system as I need to go. I’m a dedicated guy when it comes to busting sleazebags, and happy to spend a couple paychecks on some justice for all, as they say. FYI, they also go by “Industrial Stitching” at the same address on 102 Huntoon Memorial Parkway, Rochdale, MA 01542, although that business is registered to a Margaret Beer it has Scott’s phone number. They have another warehouse at 30 Mill St, also in Rochdale. The owner is Scott Wallace and his sidekick is Bruce Kozlowski.

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