franklin county court spoof


I have about four people calling leaving me messages. Saying that owe franklin county courts so I called franklin county courts. Theyadvised me that it is a scam. They said that alot people our calling on same issue they experience as well. This company is not professionaland left message on my sister voice mail. Trying get a hold of me so they all using public record of people im associated with. And my mom’sphone number is registered under my address. And they call that number and leave messages for me and my mom. Trying say we bothowe. Guy name was, Jamal James , and lady case is filled and its public record said that keep trying reach me. said that will be located and will collected the money from my employer and notified them. It said please call this toll free number. But they dont want tell me nothing but get a payment. And tell me call another number then next agent can tell I know their a scam so said I have the wrong number855-208-6823855-208-9444 ask for the legal dept case #231550 614-870-3168 9/9/18 at 11:57am. august 1, 2018 at 12:38 again.

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