Flower Delivery Express Virginia


Complaint: NEGATIVE 100 STARS !!!!!!!!! DO NOT order ANYTHING from this place ! I was searching for a place to order her flowers for her Birthday. I did not want to spend a fortune on flowers because I wanted to send her a nice gift also. So I searched a lot of flower websites. This website offered a $40 0ff your order when you tried to leave their website, so I went ahead an ordered a bouquet. It still ended up costing almost $40 dollars by the time they charge you $19.99 delivery fee PLUS a $8.50 s/h fee ! Well my brother-in-law sent me a picture of the flowers they sent and they were HALF the size of the Walmart flowers she got from others ! I was sooo disappointed !!! They didn’t sent a confirmation email when I ordered it and no email stated they were delivered. I called at 4:58 and was told they would be delivered at:4:45. I said it was already PAST that time and he said ,”Oh yeah right

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Address: well give them 20 more minutes.”” I asked if they would call me or email me when they delivered them and he assured me they would. I still hadn’t heard from them at 9:00 that night

Website: and talked to Jeanette and told her how disappointed I was when I saw a picture of what they sent her and how it was smaller than the $ 7-$10 Walmart bouquet after spending close to $40 for it ! She apologized and offered to give me a $40 credit

Phone: so I called again

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