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Flower.com advertisied delivery on February 14th guaranteed. I picked out the flowers I wanted to send and paid the money including a $14.95 delivery fee. At the end of the day the flowers were not delivered so I called their support line. I was told that they people answering the phone were only for new orders and that they would have to take my information and send it to their main office. I asked when I would get a call back and I was told that it could take several days before I hear back from them. I was informed by the new order department I was speaking to and they told me they do not guarantee a day or a time when flowers will be delivered. They said their policy is best effort and could take up to an additional three to four days. I asked to cancel the order since they did not deliver on time and was told I would have to wait for their main office to call me back. This place is a joke, I will never order from them again.

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