Flight Inspired Beaverton Oregon Review


In early July 2015, I placed an order for 2 different hats that were on preorder. One was for me, one was a gift. After two and a half weeks I contacted them about shipping when I was informed that the hats had just come in and were going to be shipped out by the end of that week or early following. After another week and a half I contacted again to see when they would be shipped. I finally got a shipping notice two days later but tracking didn’t update for 3 days, but during that time I got a “gift certificate”” for the amount of the hat that was intended for the gift. No one from the business informed me that 1) the hat was out of stock

and 2) that there would be no refund just a gift certificate. For a PREORDERED hat. I immediately contacted again

no response. I tried a different email from their website to contact

again nothing. Earlier today on their Instagram they posted a picture of the preordered hat I never received for sale. My bf wrote a comment saying that it was disappointing to see the hat for sale when we were told otherwise. Flight Inspired blocked both my bf and myself. I contacted [email protected] again and finally got a response! But only to say that the comment was “”rude”” and to never do it again. Also that they “”work too hard and don’t deserve that””. Throughout this whole ordeal I’ve stayed very calm and polite in all my emails (which I have all the correspondence still to prove). I have asked multiple times just for some communication and customer service. If they had responded after my initial inquiry about the preorder mistake I would’ve been fine with the gift certificate. But the lack of communication

customer service

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