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The company (a local gym) recently did promotional advertising for $1 memberships. Interested, I stopped in and signed up, only to be told that the $1 was to guarantee a $19 price each month.. Also, you are required to pay the first and last month so the first bill I received was for $39 ($19 for two months and the $1 to guarantee pricing). As if that wasn’t already FAR from what I had expected to be paying the gym was also unsatisfactory in their equipment and atmosphere. The staff were very eager to help until I decided (within the 3 day full refund cancellation period!) that I no longer wanted to be a member. I received blank looks and a response of “I can’t cancel your membership a manager has to do that and she doesn’t come in until later”. They also told me that I did NOT have to sign anything to cancel and that I could go home and they would let her know to take me out of the system. A ridiculous lie, as I called later to confirm the cancellation and refund only to hear “No, we can’t process refunds without a signature, I don’t know who told you that you wouldn’t have to.” After being lied to I drove back up there, signed this paperwork (all still within the 3 day full refund period) and left. Over a month later, I still hadn’t received a refund to my credit card that I’d used to pay the $39 startup fee so I call the gym. I get a front desk person that can’t help me put me on hold until he finds out that the manager isn’t available because she is “very busy” but she will call later or the next day. Today is two days later, no phone call, no refund, just a bill for this month at another $19. What?! I had JUST called these people about my refund not processing and now am being charged again! I am beyond furious. They now owe me $39 + $19! They are probably not going to process the refund very fast either. Ridiculously bad service. .

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