Fast PC Solutions Review


Phoned yahoo because it appeared my computer had been hacked. Received call right back from< they said Tech Support. Would do a scan and see where it was. Came back on line said I had all kinds of problems. Was a nightmare to have repaired and then in a short time from April 12th until May 1 it wasn't working anymore. I phoned the company that had previous worked on it and set up a time for them to look at my computer. He repaird it within 1 1/2 hours by reinstalling spybot antispyware and removed 14 infection. removed malwarebyres and removed 672 infections.(I was charged $199.00 for the first repair and $75.00 for the second repair. I was asking for my $199.00 back and this company said no reason to return because they did what they were to do. This review (Fast PC Solutions Review) was originally published at Holy Smoke !. To read the full review, go to -

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