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The customer placed an order through our website in the middle of the night, with the note attached "Brand new mint in sealed box? I don’t wish to receive a return. Any more of this or just one? I want to buy more thanks." | Before we opened for business the next morning, we received five separate e-mails and three voicemails: | * Hi and sorry to bother you but please cancel this order. I actually need more than one and found another supplier with discount shipping. I apologize for the inconvenience. | * Hello and sorry for inconvenience. Please cancel my order number of 6491. I found another retailer that sells more quantity. Thanks much and I apologize for the inconvenience. | * 6491 is my order number and please cancel. I wanted more than 1 and think I found it elsewhere. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. | * tell u what, can you guys price match 340 + plus shipping? save us both the trouble of canceling. Thanks and please let me know. | * 6491 instead of canceling, can u price match 340 + shipping? save us both the trouble. If not, please cancel. Thanks. | We were just about to void his order when he called and spoke to me. I informed him that all statues are opened and inspected for quality control. (We have a limited time where we can send an item back to a manufacturer should there be any cracks, breaks or paint issues.) It states the same in the Terms of Service on our website. The customer decided he still wanted the item and we shipped it. | Upon arrival we were then contacted by the customer stating that the plastic packaging, inside the two cardboard boxes, was cracked, but the statue itself was fine. However since he was looking to re-sell this himself online, he now wants to return it. In the multiple e-mails regarding this, he states over and over that we stated this item was factory sealed. As anyone that has ever spoken to us at the shop, at a convention or even reads our eBay listings, we clearly state all statues are opened and inspected. So every message where the customer states we told him its factory sealed is incorrect. | We agreed to take the return. This was stated in an e-mail on 9/14/16. The customer agreed to send it back and we then heard nothing. We left to do our largest show of the year, New York Comic Con, on 10/4/16. As of that date there was no package arrival and no communication to us. We were eventually e-mailed on 10/10/16 that the statue was sent back that past Thursday, 9/28/16. As the customer states, we did not have anyone here to receive a package, as we had no idea when, or if, it was even being shipped back. There was a two week wait before sending it back, no communication to us for 26 days from the same person that contacted us with 14 e-mails and 5 phone calls. If at any time prior to the expected package arrival date the customer reached out and told us it shipped back and/or provide a tracking number we would have had someone hear to receive the package. | As for stating we ignored his e-mails, we replied back to the every e-mail we received the same day. | The customer had also accused us of lying that our store was even closed, even though it clearly stated on the front page of our website we were away at New York Comic Con, our e-mail and voicemail had an automatic reply stating we were away and we are very active on social media, showing our booth off at NYCC. | The customer then opened a credit card charge back, which we replied back to with all the information we had, and the credit card company decided in our favor. The customer appealed and it went to arbitration. We received a letter from the credit card company, on 1/9/17 stating we lost the appeal. The customer contacted us again (1/9/17) and we stated the above and even provided a scanned copy of the letter. When the customer replied again we didn’t understand the reply, as it was worded in a way that sounded like he had lost the appeal, and we contacted the credit card company. They stated that these form letters are automatically mailed and they sent us the wrong one (the correct one was in on its way) and that letter stated the arbitrator sided with us. This letter was received by mail two days later. | The customer then contacted us on 4/7/17. Again stating everything I’ve stated above and again stating that I told him the item was factory sealed, which we never, ever do. At this point he stated that if we do not refund the money he will be leaving a negative Yelp review and filing a complaint with the BBB, which to date he has not yet done. | We’ve been in business over seven years and yes we have one complaint with the BBB, to which we replied and provided all the documentation supporting our side of the story. The BBB decided there was no action to be taken on their part.

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