Extreme Lead Program Review


Extremeleadprogram.com sells a solo ad package. Here is the title of the service. Your Solo Email Ad can be in Thousands of Responsive Prospects’ In-boxes. I ordered a 1 million email blast for $99. When the campaign started so did the spam complaints from people that did not opt in to my landing page. Here are some quotes from some emails I received. “You are barking up the wrong tree…I didn’t request this info”. “Unsubscribe me and never send me email again, how did you get my address?”, “Remove me I did not opt in to anything”. “Don’t contact me again, leave me alone and go away”, ‘Unsubsribe me, who gave you my email”, These are just a few samples of the emails I started receiving on day one of the campaign. This proves that the solo ad is actually a software bot scraping emails of the internet and automatically signing up people without their permission. Classic internet fraud. The first few complaints I received I immediately contacting Mike Rogers and told him to stop sending bot opt ins to my landing page. He did not comply with my request. Even as I wright this, he is still sending bot sign ups to my page. I can’t get him to stop this. Here is a quote from the sales page. “Should you decide to utilize our Solo Email Ad Services, we fully stand by them and guarantee you will see results. 100% money back guarantee”. So much for standing by their service.

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