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Made a one-time payment with my debit card on my mother’s account, when asked to save the card I said No (back in april.) 3 weeks ago (October) $600 was taken from this company off my card. I fought them for 2 weeks explaining that card was no to be saved, before filing fruad. The worked ensured me the card was taken off (after telling me it didn’t matter because the account was canceled.) Now today, another $315 was taken. The card we have been fighting over for 3 weeks- STILL ON THE ACCOUNT. They will not return the money because "you never told us to take it off the account. You told us you wanted the service turned back on." It’s not my account, or my service, to be turned back on and that $900+ should have never been taken from a card that was not the account holders, and that was meant to be a one-time payment. They stole from me not once, but twice.

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