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Complaint: Stay away from this crooked unethical seller. Vendor tried to scalp product to me from Walmart. I still ended up being cheated out some money but Amazon stepped up and made it right. You have been warned so if they fool you then shame on you. I purchased a kids bike from Amazon. I made the mistake of assuming I was getting a competitive price. When the bike arrived it had come from Walmart, not Ecom Sales or Amazon. Did some research and saw that Walmart was selling the bike for significantly less than I had purchased it for. I retrived the packaging slip from the package and discovered that they had simply placed an order in my name from Walmart for the bike and where going to pocket the significant markup. I reviewed their information in Returns and Refunds and they stated as follows. “Please refer to the Return Policy or contact Ecom Sales to get information about any additional policies that may apply. To initiate a return

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Address: visit Amazon’s Online Return Center to request a return authorization from the seller. For questions about a charge that has been made to your credit card


Phone: please contact Amazon. Questions about how to place an order? Search Amazon Help.”” So I reviewed the Return Policy. Their a saw that the item could be returned if it was available for a lesser price and I thus submitted a request for return which they then granted. They uploaded a return slip from Walmart. I dropped the item of at the Post and Walmart picked it up. I thought Ecom Sales was making things right. When the refund came through they did not refund the full expence but rather chose to keep 10% to pocket. They never would return the money they cheated me out of. Their was resolution at the end however as Amazon stepped up and refunded me the money Ecom Sales cheated me out of. Stay away from this crooked unethical seller Ecom Sales.”

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