Eagle Roofing ( tile ) company hacienda heights California Review


i installed a brand new roof tile less then ONE YEAR, then the rain wash off so MUCH tile powder down to the baskets, which was original idea for collecting the rain for swimming pool and lawn, but i found out a. so much powder was washed down, with red, pink colors, only in certain area, ( not all over ) which means several years later, my roof might becoming some area is red, some area is pink and some area is grey? b. then i made initail complaints to Annette, their customer service, she told me this is NOT covered by their warranty. c. of course i am not happy at all, what in the world this PURELY QUALITY ISSUE is NOT covered and serval THOUSAND dollars got NO warranty just by one single email? d. then i send 2 or 3 email telling her, THIS IS NOT THE SINGLE CASE FOR SURE, this might go to class action and possible purnitive damages will happened to you e. then the VP- Victor send me a RUDE,/ ARROGANT/ ARGUE / BULLY letter, pretty much saying, LET US GO TO THE COURT, for i don’t know where those TILE WAS EXPOSED? (???? ) f. where the roof tile will be EXPOSED? of course is is exposed under the sun, rain, wind, birds, and air, OTHERWSIE WHER IT WOULD BE EXOPOSED? UNDER THE WATER? then you can see HOW RUDE / ARROGANT / UN PROFESSIONAL this Victor – VP is g. i just won some money vs. Honda by class action lawyer, this is a great timing for me i will send them the photos and all my complaitns to this Chicago law firm, looking for possible class action since this WON’T BE the single case, ( just no body find it out since nobody collect the rain iike i was doing ) H. DO NOT USE EAGLE TILE, unless you want your roof looks like rainbow several years later, and they said this is USA Made, USA operated, USA procuts, and i am feeling SO shame for them, this is NOT the USA should be, ( maybe i am an Asian American, so they BULLY me like USA should be ? ) I, i am driving MBZ S500, i got 5 cars myself, so this is NOT about money, this is ABOUT WHAT USA PRODUCT SHOULD BE, J. i purchased 3 sets of fancy tea pots in China during my tour, they express the package direct to my LA home, and i found the quality is NOT what they promised, and limited edition warranty is NOT included, so i returned the whole thing BACK TO CHINA, they did not asking a single reason and pay for the shipping, this is CHINA MADE, CHINA OPERATED, AND CHINA WARRANTY, k. of course i am NOT sayiing all USA like Eagle roofing and all China made like this Tea Pot company, but this is something that you can tell why Trump will HURT this GREAT counrty in big time if he really cloised the boarder.

3546 North Riverside Avenue Rialto, CA 92377, California USA


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