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We purchased a wheelchair lift from a company in Oklahoma.nscooter-carrier.com nThe lift did not meet our expectations when we recv’d it. My elderly parent’s car cannot support this lift in a safe manner. The lift drags in the driveway and their drive is not steep. nWe paid $700 for the lift – now to return it, it will cost us $100 in shipping plus they are going to charge us a 20% restocking fee and a $100 freight charge. This will now put us out of $340 for a $700 product we were unhappy with. nWe see this return policy as not really a return policy but a ploy to stop people from returning their product. We could understand paying the shipping charges but the 20% restocking is not practical. nWe purchased this not knowing that if we were not satisfied with the product we would be out of $340. An expensive price to pay for a product that did not meet up to ones expectations. This policy is not laid out on the website – it is only seen when the item arrives and it is in the paperwork. This is a deception process that is why it is not on the website. nWe can not understand how they can justify charging any type of restocking fee – restocking is part of business – to capitalize on the event of someone being displeased with their product is arrogance. They should have enough confidence in their product to back it up without hesitation. nPaulnHickory Creek, TexasU.S.A.

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