Dr. Michael Shapiro Gooseneck New York


Complaint: Stay as far away as possible from Dr. Michael Shapiro. How he’s allowed to treat people is ascary stuff. I was referred to him at South Nassau so I took the train, which was murder on my spine, by the way, for over 2 hours. I cant drive because it hurts my back. I was 10 minutes early for my appointment and I still had to wait over 55 minutes for my visit. I kow that sometimes happens. When he came in to the room, he smelled of booze. My husband dranke for years I know that smell. I asked him he said it was mouthwash, but thats bull. I was going to leave but he made me stay. he wanted me to try oxicodone to help with my pain. I told him that i was on flexerel a muscle relaxant. I was so scared. I didnt think he was going to let me leave. I got out of there finally and never went back. I thought I was going to be killed.

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