Don Trejo


I needed my kitchen cabinet doors painted and door handles hung. Don came out and quoted a $1,000 to do the cabinets and 5 door handles. I told him to give me a quote on the door handles, but he left me a voice mail that he would just include it in the price. When he showed up, I had a much bigger door handle job to do then I thought, so I asked him to give me a different quote. He said if you pay me all up front then I will do it for free. I was going to to do that, but I got a bad feeling. So, he started working and said he would give me a quote. He said he would do it for $200 and he would rewrite the contract. I agreed to pay him 50% deposit as I have done with other contractors in the past. The next day Don was sick and did not come. On Monday, he said he would come at 9 but showed up at 10:30. I pointed out that he did not put the right door knobs on 2 of my doors and to please fix them. He proceeded to start painting. We had had a conversation about whether to spray or roll as the last painter guy I talked to said he sprays. He said he would roll. No big deal. However, the paint looked a little bubbly, so I said if it didn’t dry flat, maybe we need to sand it. He said okay. Next day no show. Next day, he says he will be there at 10:30, but doesn’t show and sends me this text message. One more thing, he only did about 1/5 of the work we agreed to. He misrepresents the facts and never talked to me. Just sent a text and said he was not coming. I never lied to him and I am a reasonable person. People should be warned about him.You texted me on next and said you were looking for somebody to paint your cabinets. That you had painted them yourself and didn’t like them (Not true – I never painted them myself.). Also you hired someone for $800 and didn’t like the way he painted them (they were peeling and looked awful – I tried to do the work myself, but was overwhelmed and needed help finishing). And I quote "paint" not spray (I never expected him to spray; I simply asked him how he does it). You also told me you had 5 doorknobs upstairs to install and I already knew about the handles to be installed on the cabinets and drawers. However after we discussed a price tag, you had given me half down and then you told me, you not only had 5 doorknobs but you had 19 doorknobs plus 57 door hinges to be replaced. (This is totally false. When he walked in to do the job and before I signed anything or paid, we discussed that it was a much bigger job. I asked him to tell me how much more it would be to do. He said if I paid him everything upfront he would do it for free. At first I agreed and then I told him I was not okay with it. I asked him to quote me to do the work, and I gave him a 50% deposit upon the new quote) So I felt obligated to install them for a very cheap price tag because you hardly had any money to get them done. After I got done painting the cabinets in the kitchen and installing doorknobs & hinges downstairs & upstairs you started telling me you didn’t like the way the cabinets came out and you wanted me to start sanding them down because you wanted them sprayed, but that wasn’t the agreement. (I did not say I wanted them sprayed. I said that they looked not smooth and that they needed to be sanded, which is what is needed to do quality work. I said we could look at them on Monday and see how they looked.) The agreement was You wanted them painted. Remember your add on next says painted (yes, and there are different techniques to paint, but I was not hung up on spraying- it was just a question). Not only did you lie to me from the very beginning now your finding fault in the paint. I don’t think this is going to work out you got half the work done for half the money you gave me (this is a complete lie – he only did a 1/5 of the work). You should find somebody else to finish your job and whoever you hire don’t lie to them about what you want and need done. Don’t surprise them with extra work after you’ve already discussed a price tag.Consumers be warned. Don Trejo his an absolute con artist and full of lies. He does a tiny bit of work and then steals your money.Sent from my iPhone

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