Diamond Resorts International Previously Sunterra Resorts Newton Iowa Review


Since 2001 I feel that Sunterra now Diamond Resorts has misrepresented what they offer and lead you to believe when selling you points to be used at any of their properties. We traded (with an additional cost) ownership from Florida to Branson Mo. because of higher fees and dissatisfaction with the unit in Florida. Last year we got talked into once again investing more money to securer I ownership. For 10,000 we got 5500 points. I have tried to utilize my points this last year with no success. Amazing the units were not available to an elite member but if I would have paid cash as a non member I would have gotten a unit. We were told last Dec that if we needed to sell Diamond Resorts wanted first consideration. Well I am trying to sell before I have to file for bankruptcy. Well guess what, the response I received was I have to find my own buyer. I wouldn’t sell my ownership to anyone I like because Diamond Resorts sucks you dry and then asks for more money. My maintenance fees doubled from last year. Word of warning turn down offers to go to their presentation and free 3 night 4 day trips or even more. It is not worth loosing your investment in the economy we are in now or ever. Do not buy with Diamond Resorts, I have not been able to use my points since 2003. I have a feeling it will not get any better. They have people all the time they are selling units to but will not help out a current owner. Sad that a company would do this to the people that are lining thier pockets. nErinnNewton, IowaU.S.A.

10600 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.



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