Desert Advanced Imaging Review


I was sent by my doctor to have an MRI, Desert advanced Imaging first said | sorry, Your insurance company has not approved it yet, We will call you soon. | Then they called, scheduled an appointment, I went and they said You will need to pay the | Anthem Blue Cross contracted amount of $469.00 so i did, then i had the procedure | Six months later they sent me a bill for $1800 additional claiming Anthem Blue Cross | didnt pay it. So i called my insurance co. and they said of coarse they wouldnt pay it because | this is an in Network agent and the most they can charge for this procedure is $469.00 of which | they made me pay in advance because i had not met my deductible yet, So i paid the desert Advanced Imaging | the $469.00 They have been sending threatining letters ever since and have now turned me into a Collection agency | named Continental Credit controle with the collectors name Hunter Cash. I have contacted him and | am still trying to resolve this nonsence. I believe this is insurance fraud!


Name: Desert Advanced Imaging

Country: United States

State: California

City: Palm Desert

Address: 72855 Fred Waring Dr.

Phone: 760.318.2988


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