Dept. Of Education Western Benefits Group


Caller identified himself as "Dean" from the Dept. Of Education, student loan forgiveness division. My Caller ID read: 510-256-5189 and this same number as appeared on my caller ID History list for weeks, I was not home to answer the calls and no messages were left. After several probing questions regarding the nature of the Dean’s call were asked, he began to take me in circles, mentioned that someone affiliated the the Dept. Of Education gave Western Benefits my telephone number in order to discuss a student loan forgiveness. This Dean made several attempt to obtain my personal information and said he needed it in order to discuss this information before we could proceed and to make sure I was the right person. When I requested student loan debt information, claims, mailings, name associated with the account he handed to him from the Dept. Of Education, this Dean hung up. I immediately called the number back, 510-256-5189 and the voice response system answered, Western Benefits Group, instructing to press #1 for the student loan dept. or go on line indicating a Web page. After I was transferred more than 3-4 times to the student loan dept., no answer and returning to the start, the call hung up on me. I notified the FTC and a SCAM reporting Agency.

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