Depco Parts Virginia City Nevada


Complaint: I placed an ad on the internet at looking for a used Ford 6.6 Diesel motor. I was contacted in July of 2001, by Bob Jr. (the owners son) of Depco Parts that he had the motor I was looking for. I needed the same motor for a truck I have that only had a bent rod in one of the cylinders and could not afford to rebuild it. I asked about the condition of the motor and he stated, it was complete les fuel system and that he “guaranteed all castings were good and that it would turn 360 degrees.”” It sounded like what I needed and agreed to purchase the motor for $600.00 plus shipping quoted to be around $200. A day or so later I recieved a message that the motor would not turn 360 degrees

Tags: Truck Dealer Repair

Address: but was probably a little stuck due to some rust on the rings. When I called him back he was gone

Website: Bob Jr. would stand behind it and make some type of adjustment or deal with it. I agreed to buy the engine. The engine arrived and the freight was much higher that originally quoted as well (about $389). After two days of trying to free the engine and taking the head off

Phone: but spoke with one of his employees who he told me to contact in his absense. I was reluctant to purchase the engine

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