Delight Freight Courier Service


Dear Sir/Madam,Recently I am cheated through the above website. This website ( is a part of a big scammers chain. The scammer contacted me through a matrimonial site ( and said she is interested to marry me. I denied it first and after few days again she messaged to whatsapp (+44 7440 550986) and started talking so professionally. Within few days she sent some gifts through this website ( with tracking details which was working when I checked. Next day the tracking showed that the courier is in Mumbai customs and I have to pay 291. I used to be alert but somehow I believed it and paid that amount and after few minutes my tracking ID disappeared from the website and I realized that it’s a cheating. I am damn sure that these guys will cheat many. So I am sending this website URL to cyber cells of different countries. If you can trap these guys it’d be great.

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