D’Cache Restaurant toluca lake California


Complaint: First let me say that the food is great. But, the services was horrible. I had a party at D’Cache, it took 30 minutes for my guest to get a drink!!! Even me (the person paying the bill) it took 30 minutes to get a drink. When i first arrived there the waitress told me that they only have two POS sytems and that she might take some time getting drinks . I told her to tell my guest. But by no means did i think it was going to take 30 minutes. The place was packed and they had two bartenders for over 200 people. I could understand if someone called in sick but 30 minutes??? So here is where it gets worst. I told the owner Jairo that my guest couldn’t get drinks he said” NOTHING”” He ignored me…he is very arrogant. His wife Patty tries to upsale you on everything I spent over $1000.00 on my guest and not one simple call to say sorry. I understand that it takes a while to get a drink but what I don’t agree with is bad customer service. Save your money the place is nice but very pricey. There was not a bit of warmth hospitality. Everyone there has a little chip on their shoulder except the female waitresses. If your not an A list actor forget about it!!!!! I’m not writing this to get back at them. I’m writing this because it was a horrible experience. How do you have fun when service sucks and you can’t even get a drink when you want one???? 2 drinks and an appetizer=$50.00 Private Party 50 people= $1000.oo plus tax -Michael”

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Address: 10717 Riverside Dr Internet United States of America

Website: www.dcacherestaurant.com/

Phone: 818-506-9600

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