Days Inn, Brownwood, Texas Sherman Texas Review


I reserved a room through Orbitz at the Days Inn in Brownwood, Texas, for June 26, 2008. The room was so disgusting and the bathroom so nasty my wife refused to even enter the room. The room stunk and had black stuff (mold) on the walls. The restroom reminded me of the nastiest service station restroom I had ever been in. I checked out immediately, within 15 minutes or less. nWhen I immediately went back to the front desk of the hotel they told me I had to talk to Orbitz. When I complained to Orbitz they told me I had to contact the hotel and guess what? The manager was never there. Call back, I was told. I did two more times and gave up. The front desk LIED to Orbitz and told them I checked out the next day, and although I have a receipt where I stayed with another hotel that night, neither Orbitz nor the Days Inn is willing to refund my money. nDavidnSherman, TexasU.S.A.

215 1/2 North Travis, Sherman, Texas U.S.A.



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